How this is going to work

I’ve had an extremely hard time deciding on how I should put together this website.  I’m more indecisive than Rick Ross at a cookie buffet.  Do I want the one that’s a little more money?  Or should I just settle for oatmeal raisin?

But seriously welcome to my website/blog deal.  I will be posting on here regularly about my life/or things that are disrupting my life.  It should be mildly entertaining.

I plan to have three main types of entries on here;

#1:  Comedy Related:  I will keep you up to date as to what I’ve been doing in the comedy world.  These updates will include stories about shows that I do that I believe people should know about.

#2:  Stories:  These will be stories about terrible things that are bound to happen to me in the future.

#3:  Rants:  Sometimes I get tired of something.  And then I will write about it on here.

#4:  My favorite things:  If I like something (video, music, etc.).  And I think other people need to know about it.  I will post it here.

I’m hoping to put up a couple blogs a month.  But that probably won’t happen.

I’ll probably talk to you next time something unfortunate happens to me,



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