The Dilemma

I’ve been dealing with the age-old dilemma: get a backpack or a man-bag.  Of course the main fear of getting a man-bag is that you will look like Clay Aiken wearing it.  And nothing against anyone who goes for that look, it’s just not what I’m personally going for.

The right man-bag will look much more professional than your average backpack.  Which is why I was interested in getting into the “Man-bag game.”  I figured I’d look very business-like walking into an audition/interview with the right bag.

I began a search to find that perfect bag that I can wear around my shoulder without any sort of misunderstandings taking place.

While looking for a bag I stumbled into a store called “TUMI”.  It seemed like a stylish place for a hip and happening guy like myself to find a cool bag.

Right away a bag grabbed my attention.  It was a really business/manly looking bag.  It was the first bag that I was genuinely considering adding to my repertoire.  Until I looked at the price tag.

$345.  I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I wouldn’t spend 345 dollars to buy 400 dollars.

“Am I missing something,”  I asked the person working at TUMI.

“What do you mean?”  She responded.

“Is there an iPad or something already in the bag?” –Me.

“No.”  -Lady working a TUMI.

Immediately I left TUMI in search of a more reasonable bag.  We began playing a game with each bag  I looked at called “Gay or Yay?”

Some bags were so feminine looking that if I had it around my shoulder while eating beef jerky, drinking a beer, and hunting deer…with my hands, I still would look like I was a Perez Hilton impersonator.

In the end I finally found a manly-bag at Eddie Bauer.  Here’s a little background on Eddie Bauer.

-His first shop was inside of a hunting/fishing store.

-He began making clothes after he got hypothermia in the Mountains.

-He made a lot of items for the U.S. Army during WWII.

So if any of you judge men with an Eddie Bauer bag you can suck on those facts for a while.

-AJ Lubecker


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