Term Two Review

I haven’t written a legit post in about 3 months, I’m on spring break now so I finally have some time.  This will be a review of my classes.  So if you happen to be one of my professors reading this.  I loved your class, it was my favorite ever and I hope to be in one of your classes again, kisses. (You can stop reading now)

Now that I got that out of the way as far as actual school goes this term blew harder than Katrina. (And whether you think I’m referring to Katrina the hurricane or the stripper, it works both ways so choose whatever makes you most comfortable.)

I took four classes; Anthropology, Intro to Communication, Life and Times of Vincent DePaul, and Quantitative Reasoning.

ANTHROPOLOGY:  Going into this term I thought this was going to be my favorite class.  But my god I was mistaken.  Here’s how the class went:

DAY 1:   Professor- “People are different but kind of the same.”
Me-  “Oh yea, I guess.  I kind of already knew that but it’s a good review.”

DAY 2:  Professor- “People are different but kind of the same”
Me- “Ok, yea.  We said that yesterday but I guess we could elaborate on it or something.”

DAY 3:  Professor- “People are different but kind of the same”
Me- “Ok, I get it.”

DAY 4:  Professor- “People are different but kind of the same”

DAY 5:  Professor- “Each of us occupies a variety of positions in society and each of us has a set of rights and duties with respect to others occupying other, complementary positions.”
Me- “Ok.  That’s what I’m talking about, that’s kind of interesting.”
Professor- “People are different but kind of the same.”
Me- “Jesus Christ.”

INTRO TO COMMUNICATION:  This was required for my major so I had to take it.  It was about interpersonal relationships.  We focused on love, death, break ups, small group work, etc.  Most of these things make me want to stand up on a table and yell, “WHO CARES”.

One of the big things we covered was called, “The four horsemen of the Apocalypse”.  These were the four signs of couples breaking up.

Pretty much it went like this, the Professor said, “So the number 1 sign of break ups is the couple starts fighting.”  Then the whole class ooooed and ahhhhhed like they were at a David Copperfield show and I sat there like, “Really?  I could have told you that fighting isn’t the best sign for a relationship.”

Next the Professor says, “The 2nd sign is the couple stops talking to each other.”  Then again all the students jaws drop like they just saw Michael Jackson do the first moonwalk on Motown 25 in 1983.  And I’m sitting there like “Com’on guys, a small child could have told us that.”

LIFE AND TIMES OF VINCENT DEPAUL:  I went into this class absolutely dreading it but it ended up being my favorite class.

“When was Vincent DePaul born?”
Oh that’s funny you should ask.  Well there’s a lot of controversy around his birth.  Originally he was said to have been born in 1576 but then in the early 1700’s a man by the name of Pierre Coste found out the truth.  Vinny was actually born in 1581, they lied about his birthdate in order for him to get sanctity.  It’s a long story but yea he was born in 1581.

QUANTITATIVE REASONING:  This class was just a lot of me not understanding it.  Mainly not understanding what the professor was saying.  When people ask what type of accent my professor had, my best guess is Avatar.

“That is all.  That is all.  Thanks.” (Imagine me bowing and tipping my hat to you)

-AJ Lubecker


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