The Meltdown

Hey gang, I’ve got a real fresh new video out.  It’s of a set that became known as the meltdown.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done on stage.  I will forewarn you that this specific set is explicit.  So if you’re not into that please don’t watch it.

I was going to write reasons why this set needed to be explicit for it to work.  But then I thought that’d be boring.  If you want reasons contact me.

Watch this video.  I like David Ruffin.;

And then here’s the set folks.  Enjoy it.  It’s long and please don’t make any judgements until you’ve watched the whole thing.  It heats up around 11:09, if you rather not watch the whole deal

I performed this set twice.  After both times I had multiple people come up to me and say, “Hey really awesome job. I have a similar thing going on, that made things better for a while.” And that’s why this is probably my favorite set I’ve ever done.

-AJ Lubecker


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