April Fools.

On April 1st my landlord visited my apartment because of a recent rat invasion.  Then she left.  I then took the opportunity to pull a fast one on my roommates.  I created a fake screen shot of a fake email that said we were getting evicted and then posted it on a Facebook group that included just me and my roommates.  Enjoy what ensued.  (I blacked out names and what not for my roommates’ sake, but now it looks like a document supporting a conspiracy theory.  I also started blacking out curse words, but then I gave up.)

First I took a screen shot of an old email.
Picture Number 1
Then I edited the email to look like this.
Picture number2
Next I posted it to the Facebook group.
Picture number 7

Then the comments started rolling in…
Picture number3
And they kept coming…
Picture number4As well as a handful of text messages, here’s one …
picture number textThen I came clean…

Picture number 5

I used to put fake poo under teacher’s desks in elementary school and now look at how far I’ve come.
Cheers.  Hope everyone is doing well.

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